Feru - the history of the brand Feridun Zakirov began in 1994. Multibrand boutique «Europa Exclusive» was opened in Uzbekistan. Today Ferutdin Zakirov has two multibrand boutique in Tashkent and Milan and is not only men's line, but also women's line of clothing and footwear. Things for each collection for the new season are selected personally by the President of the company by Ferutdin Zakirov, who regularly travels to the fashion shows and presentations of famous European fashion houses.

Feru - it is also a variety of accessories, produced in a limited edition. Wallets, business card holders, portfolios made of solid crocodile leather of the first series, the quality of which is recognized as the best and expensive, as well as a large selection of neckties, scarves, gloves and scarves.



MOORER Italian brand that produces men's and women's outerwear.

The main product of this brand are down jackets, vests, jackets, both classical and sport coat.

For tailoring its product designers use only the highest quality natural materials that allow men who choose this brand always be elegant, even in bad weather. Moorer Clothing is designed to emphasize the status of its owner, to create its image, emphasizing dignity.


Artioli - italian shoe brand, positioned as the most expensive in the world, canonized by the quality and style of the age-old history. The founder of the brand - Severino Artioli. The main feature of the brand Artioli considered that the shoes are sewn not only from traditional leather iguanas, llamas, ostrich and crocodile; seasonal collections of the brand, you can find shoes from the elephant skin, eel, shark and kangaroo.

Among the admirers of the brand such vivid personalities as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Frank Sinatra, Marcello Mastroianni and even political dynasty - Eisenhower, Kennedy, Onassis.


Borsalino -  Italian company from the middle of the XIX century, producing hats. The history of the Italian brand Borsalino began back in 1857 with the opening of a professional hatter Giuseppe Borsalino his first hat shop in Alessandria.

Widespread fame brought a brand partnership with the cinema. Hats Borsalino spectacularly decorated with the head of the main characters in "Casablanca" and "Maltese Falcon" that have become classics of Hollywood cinema, as well as in gangster thriller "Borsalino"; Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo in the lead roles, the creators of which have immortalized the brand altogether, calling the film its name.

Derek Rose

Derek Rose - in 1926 Louis Rose started his business on the production of pajamas. In 1950, his son Derek Rose continued his father's business. Derek Rose Collection combines traditional robes and pajamas. Derek Rose has always worked with the best fabrics - cashmere, wool, silk and cotton.

Derek Rose is famous for its satin stripes on the classic pajama collection.


Etro - Italian fashion house ETRO was founded in 1968 by Girolamo Etro - a connoisseur of art, and a great lover of vintage fabrics. Starting with a small factory, Etro for 35 years, he created his own empire in the world of fashion.

ETRO name has become synonymous with the word "style." Lifestyle based on quality and aesthetic elegance, sophistication and refinement. General orientation of the brand - a natural passion to history and travel, which has become the lightmotive for all the lines of Gimmo Etro. A Love to exotic and culture motivates him to a careful search, since he becomes a designer from the usual decoration to a full clothing and founded his company «ETRO S.p.A» in 1968.

Etro - has a chain of 40 boutiques around the world, from Japan and Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore, Australia and ending with.


Company Moreschi - is one of the most classic and expensive Italian shoe brands.
The company manufactures and sells a line of men's leather goods and new lines of shoes and leather goods for women.

Today, Moreschi expresses its simplicity but at the same time its elegant style through the shoes, the production of which is from 250 to 300 steps. Some of the most exquisite materials are still cut by hand, while the upper part of the shoe and Tirolo line, which Moreschi is especially proud, completely sewn by hand with the highest craftsmanship. Moreschi offer its customers a very elegant, but at the same time very comfortable collection.



Zimmerli - History of the brand Zimmerli has over 130 years: the founders of the company Zimmerli family belonged to the first knitting machine in Switzerland. Tough quality standards and using only natural textile fibers (cotton, silk, wool, cashmere, alpaca) allow Zimmerli for decades to be a global brand in a niche N1 of the exclusive underwear for men.

Today, Zimmerli - a world leader in the segment of luxury underwear.

Alexandr Terekhov

Alexandr Terekhov -  оne of the most popular Russian designers. His career began in 1999. Features collections Terekhov - a timeless femininity and elegance, interpreted according to the selected theme on the season.

For several years, Alexander was the only Russian participant of the Fashion Week in New York (2006-2009). Brand Alexander Terekhov regularly appears in the pages of leading fashion magazines, and very popular among actresses, socialites and fashion editors girls.


Acne studios  – swedish brand of youth clothing.
The history of Acne studios brand begins with the fact that in 1996, Jonny Johansson, the future leading designer of the brand, has decided to create an experimental collection of jeans. Together with friends-designers he created the brand Acne studios, which name means as the ambition to create a new expression.

Johansson - a supporter of minimalist design, where the main role is played not by decorative details , but by clear graphical forms and pure colors. The Acne collections uses a rich palette of colors, from classic black and white to pistachio and terracotta.

Badgley Mischka

The Badgley Mischka was created by two american designers — Mark Badgley and James Mischka.
Designers show themselves as professionals 
 in the field of evening dresses. Brand products have been focused on the  secular ladies: it was luxurious dresses that are suitable for the most solemn and important events. In 1993, as a logical continuation of a given direction, was presented the first collection of wedding dresses from Badgley Misshka.

In 2008, James and Mark were awarded "Designer of the Year", awarded by the American Association of clothes and shoes. Half of the dues received during the awards ceremony, was transferred to the charity.


Balenciaga - Founded in 1918, by the Basque designer Cristobal Balenciaga, the House has emerged as one of the greatest design organizations the first decades of the twentieth century, and rose from the ashes in the same as a century later.

Promoted by real queens (Spain and Belgium) and queens of Hollywood society (Babe Paley, Gloria Guinness, Marlene Dietrich), Balenciaga formally changed the female silhouette.In the middle of the century, he introduced a form at first sight unprepossessing or even unattractive, after a detailed study which became the last word in chic: dress-robe, puppet style baby-doll, skirt-ball, sleeve bracelet.


Barbara Bui

Barbara Bui - French designer, famous for elegant and high-quality things, especially everyday trousers and accessories. The founder of the brand is Barbara Bui, which is successfully operating in the global market for more than twenty years. In February 2013 the designer has become as a member of the Syndicate of the Paris Haute Couture.
In all things Barbara Bui shows through hint of that they have to belong to a self-sufficient and self-confident woman. Mysterious, rock, proud, and not amenable to both open and "easy-going".It also indicates that only uses the fabric of good quality, preferably nemnuschiesya and very resistant. When manufacturing accessories and shoes Barbara often chooses lacquered and toned skin, as well as an abundance of straps, rivets and other decorative elements.

Citizens of Humanity


Citizens of humanity - today one of the strongest women's denim brand premium in the United States, whose products are made in Los Angeles.

The high quality of Italian and Japanese denim, amazing design of fashionable models, comfortable fit and perfect style make Citizens of Humanity perhaps the most popular brand in the world. The collection consists of men's and women's lines, and is divided into Fashion and Basic.


Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg American fashion house, founded in 1975 by designer Diane von Furstenberg. Engaged in release of women's clothing, shoes, perfumes, accessories, jewelry. The main distinguishing features of the brand are the universality, practicality, comfort and seduction. Currently around the world opened more than 30 boutiques, in addition, the product of the brand DVF represented in more than 700 multi-brand stores.

Eddy Daniele

Eddy DanieleItalian brand specializing in the production of footwear and accessories. Comfortable and elegant models made from natural leather, and Swarovsky crystals are used as accessories, and also the décor of each pair is unique. Sandals, according to the designers of the brand have to give a woman pleasure, like a jewelry.

Gianvito Rossi

Gianvito Rossi Brand has absorbed the best traditions of the family Rossi:  shoes differs extraordinary elegance, femininity, aristocratic proportions, convenience, which is known for the famous "strip of Russia" and, of course, excellent quality. Shoes, sandals, boots, sneakers brand are made from high quality leather, fabrics and accessories with the most advanced technology, and when it comes to the small decorative details - partly was m ade by hand.



The history of the brand Joseph  - is the story the past few decades of a London fashion. Founder Joseph Ettedgui, a living legend of English and world fashion. He has always offered his customers more - with the appearance in it and have already become part of the English fashion culture among multibrand boutiques. Even current trends there appeared before on the podium, and among the buyers were personalities like Tom Ford. Today, a new team, inspired by the history of cult brand Joseph, again ready to take the lead of the fashion industry. To do this, they have it all: the name of Joseph, which is associated with the avant-garde of world fashion the best trading platform in London, Paris and New York, the experience in successful companies and flair, without which in the fashion-business nowhere.



J Brand tends to the simple things in nature: an ideal combination of "any models of jeans for any figure" when the jeans, like a second skin, hide the flaws and color retention in the process of socks.

J Brand Models used in their shows Proenza Schoule, Hussein Chalayan, and the brand in the meantime developed their own collections: cotton clothing line launches, organizes collaborations with designers (Christopher Kane, Simone Rocha, Hussein Chalayan).

Today, J Brand - one of the best denim brands, it sits perfectly and things never go out of fashion, thanks to the classical models and colors.

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo luxury brand accessories, including shoes, offering a sense of glamor and authorized playfully cheeky spirit.

History of the brand is rooted in the individual shoemaker by the name of Jimmy Choo, which is based in the East End of London in the early 1990s, which served the world's elite, including Princess Diana.

Sexual cut, fashionable design, and exceptional Italian craftsmanship has struck a chord sophisticated clientele, and the first collection took the immediate success. Today, Jimmy Choo encompasses a complete list of luxury accessories brand. Women's Shoes is in the very heart of the product and at the same offer in addition to handbags small leather goods, scarves, sunglasses, goggles, belts, perfumes and men's shoes.


Lanvin one of the oldest houses of French Haute Couture, designer Jeanne Lanvin founded in the late XIX century.

For more than a century, the unique brand Lanvin produces a huge number of products, famous throughout the world for its elegance, uniqueness and richness of the range provided. The quality and refined taste of the manufacturer will not leave anyone indifferent.

Women's clothing under the brand Lanvin made purely in an elegant French style. It is divided into two areas: Paris and Tradition. Paris line - it's a classic and casual clothing. Tradition line - an exclusive, expensive hand-made  clothes.

Michael Kors


Michael Kors – American fashion brand. Owned by Designer Michael Kors. The company is based in New York, has been producing fashionable clothes, accessories and perfumery.

Clothing Michael Kors is characterized at the same time the luxury and simplicity. His collections always accessorize: stylish handbags, sunglasses, watches. The American style of dress, which exhibit a collection of designer stands out among the crowd, highlights your personality.

Michael Kors sews clothes not only for podiums. He has produced several lines of clothing for everyday life for men and women. This is a convenient and comfortable clothes for people of business class.


MarchesaBritish clothing brand specializing in luxury evening and wedding dresses.
The brand was founded in 2004 in New York by two natives of the UK - Georgina Chapman  and Keren Craig.
The company got its name in honor of the Marquise Luisa Casati, an Italian aristocrat and icons style of the early XX century, a way which inspired John Galliano, Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld and Giorgio Armani.
Unmistakable style Marchesa is a combination of vintage and oriental motifs.
Marchesa quickly gained status as the best brand for the red carpet - in fancy dresses from Chapman and Craig at various events appear like Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Penelope Cruz, Demi Moore, and dozens of other famous beauties.

Already in 2006 Marchesa brand entered the top ten most influential fashion brands according to the Council of Fashion Designers of America 


The young Italian brand MRZ or Marziali - result from the creativity of two sisters - Mary and Simone Marciano. Graduated from the Academy of Fashion in Rome, the girls decided to raise a family company to a new level. Since 2011, Tomas famous knitwear factory, founded by parents of young designers, began producing high-quality products under its own family brand.

Marziali Collections reflects the limitless possibilities of knitwear. The bright, stylish, spectacular model can easily form the basis of any wardrobe. Due to high quality products and continuous innovation in the field of production and design, the brand is rapidly gaining turnovers in popularity.


P.A.R.O.S.H. – well forgotten old. It is this concept adhere to the founders and designers of the brand P.A.R.O.S.H., each time turning seemingly lost its aesthetic appeal of a thing into something truly unmatched. Clothing from P.A.R.O.S.H. - It is always more than just fashion.The brand name P.A.R.O.S.H. representing a decrease of «Palolo Rossello Second Hand», which is viewed the name and its founder, Papola Rossello. This Italian company has been on the international fashion scene a relatively short time, but has managed to occupy a worthy place among the big-name clothing company.

Paule Ka

Paule KaFrench brand, which produces fashionable clothing for women. The brand is named in honor of a close relative of the founder of the brand.
French popular brand of fashionable women's clothing Paule Ka is based Brazilian native - Kazhfinger Serge.Brand Paule Ka - is specifically feminine brand, which have found their place as the French elegance and Brazilian expressionism. Paule Ka  - a romance and freedom, unexpected solutions and pure colors.
Clothing brand Paule Ka - is always a romantic silhouettes, which can not be called boring. In addition, all the things from the firm Paule Paule Ka  are perfectly combined with each other, giving women the opportunity to dream and experiment with fashion, creating new sets and making every wardrobe diverse and unique.

3.1 Phillip Lim

3.1 Phillip Lim young enough American brand. He is considered a street wear brand. Brand has a great style, excellent quality, unusual style of clothing. In the short period of its existence, the brand has managed to surprise its the simple things, various accessories, appliqués and embroideries.

The inspiration for the designer has always been and remains New York. Apparel & Accessories 3.1 Phillip Lim is very simple and refined. But, adorning every detail of embroidery or applique unusual Phillip makes it a work of art. Decorative elements - the highlight of all its collections. Today the brand is represented in 45 countries. There are more than 400 stores of the brand worldwide.

Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman brand was founded in 1986 as a shoe designer Seymour Vayttsman handed the business to his talented son - Stuart Vayttsmanu, to join the shoe skills from an early age. Son not only continued his father's work, but went much further, glorifying family products to the whole world. Each pair of shoes from Stuart Weitzman - is a work of art, a combination of glamor, sophistication and splendor.In his work, Stewart uses not only the lines of elegance and beautiful design, but also very expensive materials, including precious stones. The name of this brand sounds on the most solemn events of the world of contemporary fashion and show business - in fact, in the wardrobe of every star is required to have a pair of shoes from Stuart Weitzman. Designer shoes annually produces on request specifically for Academy Awards. Stewart says that each pair of shoes is made under his personal control. Analogues it you at all desire will not find in any corner of the globe. To create the best models takes about six weeks, the fine professional work.



Stizzoli - brand women's clothing from Verona occupies a unique position in the world of Italian fashion: in the last 25 years on a regular basis is extremely Stizzoli knit collection. The main difference and advantage of women's clothing Stizzoli: superior quality, Italian style and a variety of models, finishes (fur, rhinestones, embroidery and expensive fabrics), exclusivity - Stizzoli models produced in small batches from 100 - 200 copies.

Presented his first collection in the Italian market, the brand has received rave reviews from critics and recognition of customers, and the style and quality of the clothing produced quickly brought him out of the leaders of their field.


Fabiana Filippi


Fabiana Filippi - an Italian story that began 25 years ago, exciting and bold, and full of ingenuity and real actions. The story of passion, success and unique personalities. This is the story Fabiana Filippi- company established in 1985, the hallmark of which is the principle of humanity, which took root thanks to the founders of family tradition. Every success story is built on passion, which is impregnated with all products Fabiana Filippi, brighter than anything else it is committed to the traditions and creates a unique skill conversion gentle and noble yarn in the air intangible material.

Today the brand Fabiana Filippi is one of the leaders under the sign of Made in Italy. The company's products are presented in thirty countries around the world and in major fashion capitals: Milan, Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Moscow, St. Petersburg. The family company, where simple human relationships are valued, professional ethics, was born in a place with a unique lifestyle refined and elegant.

Yves Salomon



Yves Salomon. At the root of the brand was a Russian immigrant Gregory Salomon - in the twenties, he traveled the length and breadth of his homeland, manually selecting materials for their fur and leather products, which immediately made him famous. Since the sixties, the firm already provides luxurious fur famous fashion houses - Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada. Four generations later, the brand is steadily moving forward - on account of Yves Salomon not only collaborations with fashion-industry giants, but also their own clothing collections. Key material things from Yves Salomon remain the fur and skin, but they look fresh and relevant.



The Italian company BRASCHI - known name in the world of fur fashion. Maurizio Braschi - CEO - creates its own unique collection, guided by their own inspiration, and in full accordance with the trends of the fashion world. It is no exaggeration to say that, creating a collection, the designer creates and fashion trends. Buy a fur coat BRASCHI - the dream of many true fashionistas. When creating their collections Maurizio Braschi is not limited to using only the best furs, which are purchased on the world's top fur auctions. In the course are different materials, whose names are associated with the word "luxury" - is and organza and decorated with finest leather and rare reptiles. Brand collections are renowned not only for its perfection, in terms of compliance with the requirements of today, but also the perfect quality of natural fur, from which they are created. Pedantic adherence to sophisticated technologies, a keen understanding of fashion, attention to detail and constant search for new ideas - the distinctive features BRASCHI collections.


Schneiders produces stylish and exclusive clothes - perfect harmony between modernity and tradition. "Everywhere at home»  - this slogan describes the sensation that will give you clothes Schneider - always feel comfortable at home. This feeling is made up of a combination of the finest materials, authenticity, innovation and harmony with tradition. Rate the attention to detail, quality and reliability, and feel the true spirit of our time with the Schneiders brand.

Chiara D'este

Chiara D'Este -stylish Italian clothes. The collections of the brand are presented as a strict business suits and extravagant evening gowns.

The new collections - is a lot of amazing and unusual design solutions, as well as the ever-current classic. Depending on your style, you can select original or a more discreet model. Wool, angora, silk or jersey - the choice is great, for every taste and color.